Angie Stone Says She’s Still Waiting to Get Paid from Bruno Mars’ ‘Uptown Funk’: ‘At Least 10 People Have Gotten Their Checks’ 

Angie Stone has a gripe with Bruno Mars. She says years after “Uptown Funk” spent weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, she has yet to get paid for an interpolation from a song she did with her 1970s group that Mars used on the track.

The singer/songwriter explained in a recent interview about Mars using a portion of her song with her group The Sequence on his 2014 hit with Mark Ronson. The Sequence even took the duo to court over the matter in 2017. The lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, claimed Mars and Ronson’s song has “significant and substantially similar compositional elements” to the 1979 song, “Funk You Up” from the rap trio.

“He never sampled it, he did an interpolation, which is, you re-record something and kind of twist it around,” Stone explains on “Sister Circle” Wednesday, Oct. 3. “And he did give us accolades, they just kind of got rid of it. He made a post to Twitter months before saying that his inspiration came from The Sequence. He also used a song called, ‘Let’s Dance.’ When you hear that, ‘Mmm, jump on it,’ that was part of The Sequence as well. So it was actually two songs in the [Mars] song as well.

“And I’m still waiting on them to admit we deserve this because at least 10 people have gotten their checks and I’m still waiting on mine,” Stone adds.

Fans swiftly backed the “No More Rain” singer in the comments, demanding Stone gets her pay.

“Y’all betta give Auntie Angie her coinage!! Tired of folks not giving her her credit. She been in the game a minute and still thriving!”

“Pay Angie..💯”

“He still has to pay for the interpolation! Sorry Bruno.”

“I like Bruno, but if what Angie says is true, he and Mark Ronson gotta pay up!”

“Ms Angie Stone didn’t get her bread. Something ain’t right in the atmosphere 😳 | Lawd….@dougcharming | Thanks for posting @sistercircletv (smh) @brunomars bro….respectfully I know you good dude….#fixitjesus 🙏😳😢”

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