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Woman Offered $50 Domino’s Gift Card After Worker Used Racial Slur on Order Board, Receipt

A Domino’s in Burlington, N.C. has fired an employee who used the n-word when typing a woman’s pizza order, but says it was a simple “mix up.”

Customer Myasia Nelson says it was blatant discrimination, however.

“Racial discrimination,” she said. “That’s what I feel like it is because if it were anyone else they would have never done that.”


Myasia Nelson said she wants an apology from the worker who typed the racial slur. (WFMY / video screenshot)

Nelson told WFMY 2 she was waiting on her food order with her family when she looked up and noticed the order board read “NIGER” instead of her name. Domino’s Supervisor Junior Snyder has since apologized for the incident, claiming the employee in question misspelled the young woman’s name after he was unable to hear her over the counter.

The slur was printed on the young woman’s receipt as well.

“He couldn’t hear what she was saying,” Snyder said. “He asked her twice and apparently, he didn’t know how to spell it and punched in something — is what he said.”

“All he had to do was ask how to spell her name and it wouldn’t have been an issue at all,” he added.

Nelson said she has a hard time believing the worker’s story.

“They don’t sound the same, they’re not similar words at all,” she said, adding that she said her name for the employee multiple times and he still decided to type the slur.

During her interview with WFMY, Snyder walked over to personally apologize to Nelson and confirmed the employee in question no longer works at the restaurant.

“We did let the gentleman go, he no longer works for our company,” the supervisor said. “I apologized to them several times and all I can do is make sure it doesn’t happen again and train and make sure everyone understands we don’t tolerate this. I told him mistake or no mistake — you can’t work for our company.”

Snyder added: “We’re not like that. We love all customers, that’s why we’re here.”

Nelson said she accepts Snyder’s apology, but what she really wants is an apology from the ousted employee. Domino’s offered the young woman a $50 gift card for her trouble, but she turned it down.

“My mom told me not to accept it because that 50 dollars is not worth what they did to me, so I denied it,” she said.

Watch more in the clip below.

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