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Ernest Threatens to Call It Quits with Momma Dee After Explosive Fight on ‘Marriage Bootcamp’

Momma Dee and her husband Ernest Bryant‘s explosive fight had him threatening to throw in the towel.

The “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” couple have been grappling with marital issues and can’t seem to see eye-to-eye. During the current season of “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” an epic fight broke out between Dee and Bryant after he told his wife that he was no longer sexually attracted to her. The altercation between the two ended with Momma Dee smacking her husband and Ernest calling her a b**ch.

The scuffle was clearly too much for Bryant. He ended up packing his bags and said he wanted to divorce Momma Dee. He was also upset about his wife’s “male friend” who she refused to drop. Bryant was almost on the verge of walking away from his love until Dr. Ish calmed him down.

“I was feeling all these feelings and I just wanna leave. I just got fed up with everything was ready to go,” Bryant said in his confessional. “I just hate at the time I was talking at the top of my head and was mad.”

Bryant ultimately decided to stay and give his relationship with Momma Dee another chance.

“Marriage Bootcamp” viewers said they were rooting for Ernest and Momma Dee to work out their marriage.

“Now I’m shocked they seem most authentic and real. Praise Gawd I hope they work it out.”

“Mama Dee and Ernest don’t really need marriage bootcamp like the real marriages out here. Those two together are comedians. Those fools gonna stick around regardless. Lol.”

“Mommie Dee and Ernest..I hope everything works out for you two…Mommie Dee just want to complete her castle and settle down smh.”

“Omg! I can’t wait to see Mama Dee on this show. I love her to bits. they need to stick it out.”

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