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Fans Suggest ‘Bring It On’ Sequel Featuring Gabrielle Union and Newcomer Ryan Destiny, Both Actresses Play Along With Idea

Twitter users are demanding another installment of the movie comedy “Bring It On,” this one featuring actress Gabrielle Union and Ryan Destiny.

One twitter user, @ItsHippyPotter, really got the ball rolling with pitching the sequel. He tweeted, “here me out, so a Bring It On remake with Gabrielle Union as the coach of the Clovers and Ryan Destiny as the NEW captain. wow (write this down).”

Gabrielle Union saw the tweet and responded with her suggestions for the movie. “👀👀👀🤔 hmmmm and I’m thinking less “coach” more Mama June.” Destiny then chimed in and added, “Mummmmm 👀👀.”

Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union

From there more fans voiced their creative ideas for the movie.

One user said, “Or.. ok .. @itsgabrielleu is @RyanDestiny aunt. Ryan grew up in a privileged neighborhood- but when her parents passed away when she was entering 10th grade she moved with her aunt. & her aunt made her put that anger in a team. so she started cheerleading.”

Another user said, “Movie title ~ Bring it on: Like Mother, Like Daughter.”

The proposed roles might look fitting for these two actresses, but there’s a potential snag. Last December in Union’s memoir “We’re Going To Need More Wine” she admitted that her ego was threatened by the rising actress Ryan.

She wrote, “Just the night before, I had attended a pre-Oscar cocktail party for women in film. There I had met a young actor named Ryan Destiny.” She continued, “She had appeared in the Lee Daniels series Star. I had heard that she looked like me. I saw her in person and she looks like I literally gave birth to her. Gab 2.0, only better.”

Union continued, “Oh my God,’ she [Ryan] said. ‘I am finally meeting you. This is so amazing.’ ‘What are you, twelve?’ ‘Twenty-two.’ ‘S**t.’ ‘I admire you so much,’ she said. ‘If you could mentor me…’ B***h, f**k you, I thought. You want me to mentor you?”

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