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Rapper Remy Ma Blasts ‘Money-Hungry Baby Mamas’ Seeking Child Support: ‘They Be Lying’

Remy Ma has made some bold statements about women who seek child support from their children’s fathers.

The rapper sat down with Revolt TV’s “State of the Culture” Tuesday, Sept. 25 and vehemently disagreed with women racing to court to get men to pay up for their kids.

“These b—-es go to court and they be lying and it’s sad … I bet you if they made it so that you could only get child support if you were married to the person, a lot of these b—- would stop waiting outside of basketball games and outside of concerts tryna f— n—as because you can get knocked up,” Remy says.

The married, second-time mom-to-be said she believes co-parents should split funds for their child down the middle. But also said if the mom wants her child to participate in extracurriculars like karate, it’s up to her to pay for it.

Remy, whose husband is fellow rapper Papoose, also said that it’s up to the mom to grind as much as she can to provide for her kids rather than leaning on the dad to help support their children.

“If my husband — God forbid — dropped off the face of the earth, I’m going to make sure my son is OK,” she says. “You got these b—-es that sit around on they ass all day and expect because they let a n—a with some money stick they d— in them and they had a baby that they f–king hit the lottery.

“We need to champion behind our black men so that we can change some f–king laws,” she adds before saying, “Every other money-hungry baby mama out there. F–k you b—-es, I hate all you b—-es.”

Fans who caught the discussion had varying responses to the “Love and Hip Hop” star’s stance.

“Dads dont ask for child support even if he is the primary caregiver for the child. Dads find a way to make it work, Moms that want child support are mainly being vindictive.”

“She said child support should only be awarded if the mother was married to the father. Not a bad idea since abortion is an option.”

“Remy the truth is if dad can afford it, let him do it !!! Who wants their kid to suffer because the mom is lazy!!!”

“Deadbeats can’t speak on what real parents do. She was in prison for most of her kids childhood. She doesn’t know what it takes to be a parent.”

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