Phaedra Parks Slaps Down Follower’s ‘Who Gives a F*** What Color They Are’ Retort to Her Post About Black Women’s Maternal Mortality

Phaedra Parks is known for a few things, and two of them include her devotion to community causes and her epic clapbacks. On a recent Instagram post she put both those things firmly on display.

The former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star on Tuesday posted a message dedicated to her friend who has raised his children on his own after losing his wife in childbirth.

“Single #parenting is usually associated with #women. We rarely recognize the men who raise #children alone. That being said, I want to salute my friend @4kira4moms who is raising his two sons alone after the sudden passing of his wife following the delivery of their second son (Black women are three almost 4 times more likely to die during childbirth in USA). While this tragedy can never be marginalized, I have never heard him complain about his lot in life,” she wrote in part on Sept. 25.

Phaedra Parks


She added that her pal, whom she joined with their children at Gravity Indoor Trampoline Park in Snellville, Ga., defied the odds. Parks also noted she wanted to spotlight her friend, a Black man, for being a devoted father.

But one follower took issue with Parks pointing out the Centers for Disease Control finding about Black women and pregnancy-related mortality.

“It matters more if it black happens to a black woman than anyone else? This is b******* Phaedra. Who gives a f*** what color they are,” an Instagram user commented.

Parks effectively shut her down with the following response.

“@marie_scherbaum_snow yes it does matter more that it disproportionately affects Black women but since you are a white woman who receives adequate health care simply because of your lily colored skin I can’t expect you to understand or empathize but I am my sisters keeper. Maybe you should check on the opioid epidemic that might be of more interest to you. Have a wonderful day 😘”

Phaedra Parks

Naturally, fans celebrated Parks’ clapback.

“@phaedraparks #classy clapback with education lol love it!”

“@phaedraparks Now thats a clap back!! 😩🙌”

“@phaedraparks good read. Educate. Inform. They don’t get it do they?”

“@phaedraparks SAVAGE! 😂”

“@phaedraparks 😩🤣🤣👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽”

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