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Ciara Appears Unrecognizable In New Set of Photos

Ciara just posted a quirky photo on Instagram.

The image shows the singer in a cowboy hat, a turtleneck top, and cut off jean shots complete with red-tinted sunglasses and an oversized coat with a landscape printed on it. Ciara’s hair is braided into several plats with red threading wrapped around them and the ends undone. She completed the look, taken in front of 1970s wood paneling, with a long wooden necklace and strappy high heels.

The performer uploaded the shot on the photo-sharing social media website Thursday, Sept. 27. It was part of a photo shoot for King Kong magazine, which will be on newsstands Oct. 12.

“Ciara’s presence in this issue represents our worship of icons, and our inability to be them,” the magazine said in part on its Instagram page.



Fans still managed to eat up the look.

“idk what’s going on here but I loveeee it 🖤🖤🖤”


“Were you arrested earlier? It’s gotta be illegal to look that good.”

“Come on LEGS!!!! 😍😍😍”

But some declared it a flop.

“Issa no.”

“@cannotsleeponlife why it look like she got a sleeping bag for a jacket? 🧐”

“So sleeping bags are fashionable 🤷🏽‍♀️ok.”

“nop, cant recommend this, you look like you just woke up and you carrying the duvet with you.”

And others tried to figure out what the outfit was for.

“Is this for a videooo?”

“What’s going on with the outfit! 🤔”

“What’s going on???”

“Da fuuuuq this?! @rukkes ”

While this look may be a hit for some and a head-scratcher for others, Ciara has never been afraid to take fashion risks throughout her career.

As recently as July, she attended the CFDA Fashion Awards sporting a unique take on a suit. There, she wore just a blazer and a pin-striped top with no pants and the top ripped off across the shoulders.

And in 2012, she donned a sheer black top with matching harem pants and red-bottomed stiletto boot-like heels.

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