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Wale Flooded with Love After Revealing He Almost Did ‘Something Horrible’ to Himself on Eve of His Birthday  

Wale often gets depressed on his birthday, so this year he wanted to do something about it. On Friday, Sept. 21, the DMV rapper turned 33 years old, and one day before he sent a tweet to his fans.

“I get uber depressed on my birthday,” he wrote. “I’m gonna try and fight that with all my might. I got a lot to be proud of, although depression dgaf.”

Wale Receives Love After Sharing Birthday Depression


Wale then listed some of the things he’s thankful for.

“I’m thankful for all the fans/support I have that really got me,” he wrote. “I’m thankful to have several platinum records and to be in an amazing creative space with a label that trust me.”

“And I’m thankful for my Zyla. I wanted to be father of the year every day, but life happens and I’m just a father trying, praying one day she will know. I often times feel I’m the most misunderstood person, but any misunderstood person knows there’s more,” added Wale.

Then in a cryptic message, “The Album About Nothing” rapper said he tried to do something bad to himself but was unsuccessful at it.

“Two years ago on this day I almost did something horrible, and I’m thankful I failed at it,” Waled revealed. “B-days suck to me. I don’t wanna lie to you, but recently I’ve found a way to enjoy life a bit more. I have ways to go, but inshallah the journey will be as beautiful as the destination.”

“With that said,” he continued. “If you’re reading this and got love for me, thank you from the bottom, top and middle of my cold little heart. I’m not like ungrateful, negative, just a little weird 9/21. Love you if you love me. If you hate me, well, I’ll just reluctantly like you.”

Afterward, people flooded the birthday boy’s page with words of encouragement and let him know they’re still fans of his music. 

“Fight it. Challenge it, and see that you are bigger than your depression,” one follower wrote. “You honestly are one of the best in this generation and a great father. You are worth a lot, and I still got my Nike Boots.”

“You still got real ones supporting you,” someone else tweeted. “That ‘Shine’ album and ‘Summer on Sunset’ didn’t go unnoticed. Those are dope projects to me. The game is in a weird place, but I wanna say thank you for still having the passion for rapping.”

This isn’t the first time Wale has been open about feeling depressed. He’s touched on it before, both in interviews and on social media.

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