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Angela Simmons’ Post About Son’s First Day of School Gets Derailed By Comments About His Father

Angela Simmons‘ adorable pictures of her son little Sutton Joseph Tennyson going to school has fans wondering about her son’s father, Sutton Tennyson. Simmons shared cute photos on Instagram of her baby boy on his way to his first day of school. She wrote in her caption, “As if the day couldn’t get any better .. today is your first day of school 😭😭😭😩😩 Mama boy getting so big !!”

Sutton Tennyson

While some fans loved how adorable the 2-year-old looked, some were wondering where his father is.

One fan said, “I am not trying to rude I just want know where is his daddy is he in jail or something I understand a mother’s love for her son but he also needs a man in his life where is he at you always have him.”

More fans jumped in.

“Yes. he’s in jail for a credit card fraud”

“Are you still with the father?”

Some fans come to Simmons’ rescue.

“Angela I raised 3 biological sons and about 7 non biological young boys into men as a single married woman. I survived and now I have 10 wonderful, respectful , amazing, strong minded MEN and it was me and a village of women in their lives . Keep doing what ur doing gorgeous he will be ok 😍 You have a positive Dad and brothers whom are winning 🏆.”

Simmons’ ex-boo and father of her child with the same name broke up last year around New Year’s. Simmons made an Instagram post that said, “walking away from what isn’t healthy.”

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