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Police to Review Traffic Stop of Black College President

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — A Kentucky police department says it’s reviewing a traffic stop involving a black college president after accusations that it was racially motivated.

News outlets reported the Louisville Metro Police Department said it will investigate to determine whether policies and procedures were followed when the white officer stopped the Rev. Kevin Cosby on Sept. 15. Cosby is president of Simmons College and senior pastor of St. Stephen Church.

In a video of the stop, the officer says Cosby made an improper turn and the rim around his license plate is illegal. He questions Cosby and his wife, but doesn’t issue a citation.

Cosby’s daughter, Christine Cosby-Gaither, gathered with ministers and community leaders Tuesday in calling for a review of not only the incident but of all departmental policies.

Louisville Police Chief Steve Conrad said in a statement that the review would include how officers are trained in handling traffic stops.

Tonight I received some very disturbing news from my parents!They were stopped by a Louisville Metro Police officer for absolutely nothing…but for being black in West Louisville. The officer states in the video that they were pulled over for illegally turning off a street in which the officer clearly states he was unaware of. Additionally, the officer stated that they were pulled over because the license plate frame that he had around his license plate is illegal. I was unaware that this was the case in Louisville, as I have my sorority plate around my license plate also. 🤔I never post or use Facebook (or any of my social media sites) as a sounding board, but tonight…I MUST!My father and mother, the President and First Lady of Simmons College of Kentucky and the Pastor of Kentucky’s largest Black church was stopped tonight by a racist cop who targeted them because they were BLACK, driving a Audi, in West Louisville! Racial profiling MUST STOP!!

Posted by Christine Cosby-Gaither on Saturday, September 15, 2018

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