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5 thoughts on “Why Is This Black Judge Being Removed from His Duties for Criticizing Racist Judicial Practices?

  1. Rome Pace says:

    If a black person's on trialtrial how is a all white jury a jury of his peers


  3. He's a judge not a hater, he is interested in justice, wome white know not of the drugs only what they hear or just the opposite pretend to be ignorant, if he feels they are bias or not the defendants peer It's his job, but the prosecuter if you don't know it, their job is to send you to jail, please familurize your self with the courtroom this is why many black people are incarcerated to day with judges sentencing them to unjust imprisionment, a judge that work with or lets the prosecuter run the court room or trials is normal in America, If he does his job and tries to be unbia's and enforce that rule he's doing his job.

  4. Gina Stevens says:

    So he's in trouble because he wants defendants to have a jury of that person's peers? He's racists because he wants a diverse jury? How many cases have had all white juries? I guess that is not abuse of power? I would love to see how this plays out because he is following the law the way it's suppose to be…

  5. I'am not surprised about the state of Kentucky going after this man. That state is a very racist place anyway.

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