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Angela Simmons Bullied Into Deleting Bikini Pics Ahead of 31st Birthday

Angela Simmons posted some racy photos of herself on Instagram Monday, Sept. 17, but she was pushed into deleting them after getting inundated with body shaming comments.

Simmons posed in a metallic bikini and matching mirrored sunglasses with her hair tied to the side in a ponytail. The swimsuit left very little to the imagination as her bottom was a thong.

Angela Simmons


Several users accused the single mom of seeking attention by posting the provocative photos ahead of her 31st birthday.

“I mean what was the point of you being a virgin all those years? Just to be a hoe later in life? Bitch

“Growing up idolizing Joseph Simmons (Rev Run), I feel like a pervert every time I see one of these provocative pictures of his daughter!! The attention that you seek is gonna come from those whom you would truly consider to be ‘morally undesirable’ … You are a beautiful young lady … pushing the envelope in this direction is truly unnecessary and unfair to your family!!! Cut that s— out at once young lady!! You f–kin know better!!”

“😒 I mean this is what women have to do to in today’s day and age in order to solidify who they are and get that type of attention in which they so desperately seek. Yeah I know you have stated that you don’t care what people think, but honestly what point are you trying to get across to the viewers, what’s the purpose of posting these type of provocative pictures other than to appeal to a bunch of thirsty desperate guys … Maybe it’s just me but it just seems more profound and epic when a person who has that following that you do could use their platform for much more than just boasting and posting provocative pics for mere likes and attention … We gotta do better than this. 🤷🏾‍♂️”

Simmons has faced criticism for years about her sexuality ever since she got pregnant with her son, Sutton, in 2016. The “Growing Up Hip Hop” star had previously encouraged abstinence before marriage, but had her son out of wedlock.


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