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‘The View’s’ Whoopi Goldberg Delivers Passionate Response to Botham Jean Only to Be Shot Down by Racists

An impassioned Whoopi Goldberg on Monday decried the shooting death of Dallas man Botham Jean, and questioned the attention being drawn to the marijuana found in the young man’s apartment.

Jean, 26, was gunned down in his own apartment by Dallas officer Amber Guyger, 30, who claims she mistook Jean’s apartment for her own. Thinking he was an intruder, Guyger fired her weapon, killing the man inside.

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg accused police of trying to assassinate Botham Jean’s character. (The View/video screenshot)

Goldberg and her fellow “The View” panelists noted that there were several inconsistencies with the officer’s story, leaving many questions unanswered. Newcomer Abby Huntsman pointed out that Jean’s apartment had a red doormat in front of the door while Guyger’s didn’t, after which co-host Joy Behar said the officer had several packages in her hand and couldn’t see in front of her.

“Well, she saw well enough to shoot him twice,” Goldberg chimed in, drawing raucous applause.

The comedienne questioned why Guyger never called for backup if the door was ajar like she claimed and she suspected an intruder was inside. As noted by Sunny Hostin, however, neighbors said they heard someone banging on the door, shouting “let me in!” before shots rang out.

The strange story took an even stranger turn last week when Dallas authorities released search warrants revealing marijuana, among other items, was found inside the slain man’s apartment. Many decried the revelation as an effort to smear Jean, an accomplished accountant and Harding University graduate.

Goldberg agreed and accused authorities of trying to assassinate the young man’s character.

“You’re telling me, that somebody in their own house can’t smoke a joint without fear of smoking while Black?” she asked. “So now you understand why people are taking a knee! “That’s how easy it is, that’s what we’re talking about.”

Amid the audience applause, Goldberg noted that if the tables were turned and Jean had shot Guyger, “he’d be hanging from somewhere by now.”

The co-hosts truth bombs proved too much to handle from racist trolls who came out the woodwork to accuse her of race-baiting. Goldberg not once mentioned Botham’s race, however.

“Black people always have to make a race issue over everything,” one critic wrote. “She thought a man was in her house. Race does not play into it.”

“You are RACE BAITING,” wrote another. “You divide and flail your arms. It’s a SHAME that this guy was killed, but bigger shame that you’re making him in his death LESS OF A PERSON, by naming him a race. YOU ARE THE RACIST IN THIS. He was a human being…killed for nothing. Don’t disgrace him.”

Another critic chimed in, peddling unsubstantiated FBI stats like, “37% of white murders are committed by blacks” and “89% of all other murders are committed by blacks.”

Watch more in the clip below.

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