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Terry Crews Accepts Apology from Adam Venit, Agent Retires

Terry Crews recently posted an apology letter from Adam Venit, the man who allegedly groped him at a party in 2017.

Although Venit never fully confessed in the letter that he assaulted crews, the former talent agent said he acted inappropriately and is working on becoming a better person. Crews said that he received the letter in March of this year.

Terry Crews Shares Adam Venit's Apology Letter


“The intent of this letter is to start a dialogue in service of taking responsibility for the emotional challenge that this experience has caused you and your family,” Venit began. “I have done so much thinking and learning and have looked inside myself with the help of my wife, my family and professionals to understand the person that I am and why I am that person.”

“To that end, I know that you didn’t ask for any of this,” he continued. “Again, I take responsibility for us being here now, together in this situation. I am sorry for all of it. I am writing this with the hope of us talking in person to come together and become a positive story in a very messed up world. Using this platform to show people love, honesty, responsibility, compassion and forgiveness are all possible.”

Venit then said that his behavior on the night of the incident stemmed from having “fear, stress and insecurity,” which he’s now seeking help for. Crews accepted his apology but only after learning that he’s no longer a talent agent.

People eventually responded to the letter and thanked the actor for his transparency, mainly because he’s talked openly about male sexual assault for much of 2018. He also addressed Congress on the subject back in June.

Crews filed charges against Venit as well, but they were thrown out due to the statute of limitations. However, he did settle with him in a civil suit.  

“Well earned,” someone wrote on Crews’ page. “And thank you again for shining a light on workplace sexual harassment for everyone. You gave a very necessary masculine boost to the #MeToo movement early on when the usual sexism was downplaying Weinstein’s victims. You moved society forward.”

There were also people who blasted Venit and called his apology insincere. Some felt the former agent wrote more about himself than the actual incident, and they wondered why he didn’t confess.

“Talk about victimizing himself and completely downplaying what happened,” one person wrote.

“All lies,” wrote another. “Avoiding talking about the situation.”

You can see more reactions below.

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