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Omarosa Storms Out of Contentious Radio Interview, Calls Journalist ‘Gutter’ and a ‘B—h’

Former White House aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman sunk her teeth into journalist Clay Kane as the two shouted over one another during a contentious interview on Sirius XM radio Wednesday.

Omarosa was a guest on “The Clay Kane Show.” However, her pleasantries didn’t last long once Kane started pressing the “Celebrity Apprentice” vet about why she dragged her feet on escaping President Donald Trump‘s “racist” White House. By the end of their interview, Manigualt-Newman was storming out of the studio and calling her interviewer everything but a child of God.

Kane shared a clip of their heated exchange on his Twitter, saying, “In trying to interview Omarosa, she insulted my hair, called me ignorant, gutter and a bitch. She clearly picked up Trump’s habits.”

The one-minute clip begins with Kane and the ousted Trump aide trying to out talk each other, going tit for tat. At one point, Manigault-Newman takes out her phone and starts recording.

“You are screaming, you’ve lost control,” she tells Kane as he continues talking over her. “You’re losing control of your show … is this what you wanted?”

“You were in the White House with a racist president,” Kane shoots back, continuing with his hard line of questioning. “Now I’m in the category with Ed Gordon, Simone Sanders — all the Black folks in media you’ve attacked.”

It’s unclear exactly what led to the two exchanging words, but Kane referred to his guest as a con artist and “opportunist” earlier in the interview and chided her for “sitting with the oppressor.” He then later accused Manigault-Newman of “selling Black folks out.”

It wasn’t long before thing completely flew off the rails. As Manigault-Newman begins to make her exit, Kane informs her she doesn’t have permission to film and therefore couldn’t post her video.

“Well I’m posting it, b—h,” she says before walking out.

Watch more of the interview below.

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