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Ginni Thomas, Wife of Clarence Thomas, Hired Assistant Known for Saying ‘I Hate Blacks’

A new bombshell report accuses Virginia “Ginni” Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, of hiring an assistant booted from conservative student group Turning Point USA for making racist remarks.

According to Mediaite, Thomas brought on former staffer Crystal Clanton as her assistant last year after Clanton was forced out of the right-wing group when her bigoted comments were made public. Clanton served as second-in-command at TPUSA, but left after The New Yorker published screen grabs of text messages she sent to a colleague that read, “I HATE BLACK PEOPLE. Like f–k them all … I hate Blacks. End of story.”

Clarence Thomas Wife

Ginni Thomas (left) reportedly hired Crystal Clanton as her assistant only a month after Clanton was fired for making racist remarks. (Image courtesy of Instagram)

It wasn’t long before Clanton landed a new gig alongside Thomas — who is married to the Supreme Court’s sole African-American justice. The former TPUSA staffer assisted Thomas with everything from producing her “Leadership Series” videos for right-wing news site The Daily Caller to coordinating her travels to numerous events, including TPUSA’s Young Women Leadership conference in Dallas, Texas.

Clanton even helped in an interview with Donald Trump Jr. at Trump Hotel, which took place only a month after her racist texts were revealed, Mediaite reported.

Clanton has “always idolized Ginni,” according to one source.

“She flaunts her relationship with the Thomases to conservative friends as a way to prove that the New Yorker‘s publication of her racist text messages did not ruin her career,” the Mediate report read, citing another source. ”

Clanton has also visited with the Thomases at their home in Fairfax Station, Va., with sources saying she regularly spends personal time with the couple at their abode. In July, she posted a photo on Instagram of herself, Thomas, and Ginni Thomas enjoying a “great weekend” together.

The anti-Black texts aren’t the extent of Clanton’s bigotry, however. In a message reviewed by Mediatie, Clanton shared a photo of a man who appeared to be Arab with the caption, “Just thinking about ways to do another 9/11.” She and fellow TPUSA staffers also exchanged Islamaphobic messages via Snapchat, including one that read “a bacon a day keeps the Islams away.”

Looking at Ginni Thomas’ track record, it’s no surprise she hired someone like Clanton. Thomas, a conservative lobbyist, has rallied on behalf of the Tea Party Movement and fought hard to combat the “hard-left agenda” supposedly pushed by former President Barack Obama, whom she also accused of wiretapping Donald Trump, Mediaite reported.

More recently, Thomas has tried to cash in on the “Walk Away” movement, or the idea that more Blacks and Latinos are ditching the Democratic party to join Republicans, by sharing stock photos of African-Americans and passing them off as liberal dissenters who’d turned to conservatism.

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