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Naturi Naughton Stuns at ‘Power’ Watch Party As Fans Debate Her Character Tasha

Naturi Naughton recently posted a photo of herself at a watch party for “Power,” and it instantly sparked a debate about her character Tasha St. Patrick. Plus, based on the comments, it appeared people had a difficult time differentiating Naughton from Tasha and what she does on the show.

But some of the chatter had to do with the actress’ outfit as well, since she sported a stunning black ensemble that lingered between casual and dressy.

Naturi Naughton Attends Power Watch Party


“Doing your thing girl,” someone wrote.

“Looking gorgeous. You are amazing. Love my Tasha,” wrote another.

There were a lot of other people who also referred to Naughton as Tasha, and they expressed how they felt about her character.

“I hate you, Tasha,” someone tweeted.

“Facts,” another person wrote. “Especially for how she treated her best friend Keisha. That had me tight.”

“Tasha I love you, but Silver had to go,” tweeted a third, referring to the lawyer on the show that had a nasty run-in with Ghost, the main character.

There was also a lot of talk about Angela getting shot in the season five finale and whether she survived or not.

“Ghost killed a whole man in the parking lot then gets mad when Tommie shoots Angela,” one person wrote. “Just like how Tommie didn’t have to shoot Angela, he didn’t have to kill Silver.”

Meanwhile, Naughton sat down for an interview earlier this month and talked about how Tasha changed since the first season. The way she sees it, the character went from being consumed with maintaining a certain lifestyle to looking out for others and having more pressing concerns. 

“You know, she basically started off as this younger woman using Ghost to give her her identity and you know, I don’t think she really knew who she was [aside from] a young mom, a drug dealer’s wife,” she explained.

“She’s not just focusing on keeping the penthouse clean and her hair done and her nails done. Now she’s focusing on saving her children’s lives and not going to jail … Her evolution as a woman has been really empowering for me to play and to watch, because she’s starting to come into her own a lot more than she was in season one” added Naughton.

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