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Beyoncé and Charlamagne Named As Potential Witnesses in Case Between Tiffany Haddish and Ex-Husband

In May we shared news that Tiffany Haddish’s ex-husband William Stewart was suing her, and there’s a chance that Beyoncé and Charlamagne Tha God could be called in as  witnesses to testify.

Williams and his mother Elnora Daughtery accused the actress of damaging their reputation in her book “The Last Black Unicorn,” and they’ve sued for over $1 million. They’ve also named the publishing company Simon & Shuster, Inc. in the suit, as well as Haddish’s co-author Tucker Tibor Max.

Beyoncé and Charlamagne Tha God Named as Potential Witnesses in Tiffany Haddish Case


As far as witnesses, both feel that Beyoncé could tell the court that Haddish embellishes stories for personal gain, and it’s possible they’re referring to the whole Beyoncé-getting-bitten-on-the-ear tale. 

“[Beyoncé] has knowledge of defendant Haddish’s propensity for lies and making up false stories for Ms. Haddish’s own personal aggrandizement,” read court papers.

Earlier this year, the “Night School” star said that actress Sanaa Lathan bit Bey on the ear during a party, and her story undoubtedly caused a big stir.

The plaintiffs also feel Charlamagne can assist, simply because he’s plugged into entertainment news and can shed light on how much Stewart was affected by the book. 

“[Charlamagne has] knowledge of the public contempt and ridicule William Stewart suffered,” read court docs.

In her book, Haddish described years of alleged abuse and said one time Stewart choked her when she was talking to a fellow comedian. The actress also accused Daughtery of knowing about the alleged mistreatment but not intervening and said she abused Stewart when he was younger.

“Powerful people and influential corporations can’t intentionally and recklessly destroy someone’s reputation with malicious lies for their own profit,” said Michael Sterling, the plaintiff’s lawyer. “After exhausting our ability to solve this matter privately, we have been left with no choice but to seek legal recourse. We look forward to our day in court.”

Haddish and Stewart were married from 2008 until 2013.

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