D.L. Hughley Shouts Out Black Women ‘Just Because’ and Critics Lose Their Minds

It seems no one can celebrate Black women without non-Black folks chiming in, “but what about us?”

On Thursday, comedian D.L. Hughley shared a post on Instagram acknowledging Black women “just because.”

D.L. Hughley

Instagram screenshot.

It’s been a great week for Black women nationwide, with tennis stars Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka facing off in the 2018 U.S. Open finals and Ayanna Pressley snagging an unexpected victory over incumbent Rep. Michael Capuano in the Massachusetts primary.  Meanwhile, in Connecticut, Jahana Hayes is on her way to becoming the first Black woman elected to a state congressional seat if she wins in November.

“Sistas are changing the world,” Hughley captioned the post. “Keep doing what y’all are doing! We 👀 you! #TeamDl 👍🏾💪🏾🔥‬”

Not everyone was feeling his words of affirmation, however, and blasted the King of Comedy for seemingly excluding women of other races.

“Shout out to alllllll women!” one woman wrote. “And remember, there are 3 women to every man on this planet. So ladys, hurry up and takeover already and save this world before it’s too late.”

“Shoutout to Mexican woman, because we are cabronas …” another woman chimed in.

Another critic gave a shoutout “to all women — you are beautiful and loved keep doing what you doing.”

Fans quickly came to D.L.’s defense, arguing there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a Black man openly uplifting and encouraging Black women.

“Anyone who thinks its ridiculous for a Black man to compliment a Black woman should share this stupidious suggestion with the men of their own race,” one person wrote.

“All the sad white women can go make THEIR OWN posts lol,” said another. “FFS 😂😂”

“Those damn colonizers always make it about them. It’s ain’t about you!”

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