Young Buck Angrily Denies Being With Transgender Woman After Video Leaks

It wasn’t me.

That’s basically what Young Buck said about a video that shows a man receiving oral sex from a transgender woman. The clip surfaced Instagram over the Labor Day weekend, and the G-Unit rapper quickly addressed it.

Young Buck Denies Being With Transgender Woman


“Let me address this real fast, real quick,” he began. “Ain’t sh– gay about me. I ain’t got a problem with no gay people. Whatever the f— you n—– thought you seen on a tape, n—-, that ain’t no motherf—–n tape of no motherf—–n’ punk sucking my d—.”

Buck also accused the rapper Cook Up of posting the footage and blasted the people who thought the guy in it was him.

“But for you bitch ass n—- or n—-s, Cook Up in particular, since you want to jump on the Instagram and play all these old gangsta ass roles like you that, bitch ass n—-, why don’t you just pull up and keep that same energy?” he barked.

“You give me the location, and I’ll give you the location. Keep that same energy and say all that h-e ass sh– you want to say on the Gram. We can do it on the Live too … This what you want? Come get the real energy, though, ‘cause you know what’s up,” added Buck.

Soon after, a lot of people hopped on Buck’s Instagram page and questioned if he was the guy in the video or not. But others called the accusation foolish, mainly because you can’t see the person’s face.

“You are a legend,” wrote one of his fans. “You don’t need to worry about these fools. They’ll do anything to promote their wack ass music. You don’t need to entertain idiots. The best response to fools is your silence.”

Perhaps surprisingly, 50 Cent hasn’t commented on the video yet, since he has a history of reveling in these kinds of things. 

Plus, it’s hard to follow the relationship between the G-Unit leader and Buck, because for years it’s been hot and cold. At its worst, 50 released audio of Buck crying, but they’ve since patched things up and started working together again. 

In regards to Buck’s post, he’s already deleted it for unknown reasons, but that probably won’t stop the Internet chatter at all.

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