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Meghan McCain’s Fiery Eulogy Has ‘Fox & Friends’ Hosts Losing Their Minds

The hosts of Fox & Friends Sunday” didn’t take too kindly to the eulogy delivered by Meghan McCain during her father’s memorial service this weekend, after they say she took shots at President Donald Trump.

McCain, a co-host on ABC’s “The View,” was among many notable faces who eulogized late Arizona Sen. John McCain on Saturday. Former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush also shared memories of their dear friend and one-time political opponent.

Fox & Friends

“Fox & Friends Sunday” hosts noted the subtle and not-so-subtle digs aimed at President Donald Trump during Sen. John McCain’s funeral. (YouTube video screenshot)

However, it was Meghan’s bold declaration that “the America of John McCain has no need to be great again because America was always great” that left Trump supporters quite salty.

Fox News correspondent Garrett Tenney noted that the president had responded to the obvious swipe by tweeting “Make America Great Again,” arguing that their political rivalry continues “even in death.”

“Fox & Friends” co-host Pete Hegseth joined in by saying that while he respects McCain’s service to America, he doesn’t know of anyone ever changing their political views based on a speech or a eulogy.

“If you are shamed into saying, ‘How dare you support someone like Donald Trump or his views because John McCain was the standard bearer of goodness. …’” Hegseth began. “John McCain was a good man who did a lot of great things for this country. We can also be in a different chapter, where different tools and different leaders can take the mantle and carry forward what America represents.”

“And I think that’s the dissonance that existed yesterday,” he continued.

Co-host Ed Henry also griped that Trump opponents like Obama lauded McCain’s funeral as a show of unity, but yet “they didn’t invite President Trump, they didn’t invite Sarah Palin and they decided to take some shots,” a puzzling line of reasoning given that it was the McCain family that extended invitations to the funeral. Sen. McCain himself, as his health began to fade, told family and friends he specifically did not want Trump to attend his funeral.

Amid backlash over her fiery eulogy, Meghan has still has folks in her corner, including her husband Ben Domenech. Domenech, a conservative author and CBS News contributor, jumped to his wife’s defense this week after someone tweeted a threatening image of a gun pointed at Meghan’s head as she approached her dad’s casket, CBS News reported.

On Thursday, Domenech slammed Twitter for allowing the image to stay up for many hours before shuttering the user’s account. He said he “did not want to elevate” the situation but was forced to make some noise since “that’s what Twitter requires apparently.”

“Twitter finally suspended this account this morning,” Domenech later tweeted. “No one should have to raise a ruckus or highlight this sort of thing publicly to get their attention.”

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