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‘LHHH’ Viewers Continue to Trash Marcus Black and Brooke Valentine’s Relationship

Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” celebs Marcus Black and Brooke Valentine‘s relationship with one another is quite unique and fans can’t understand how they’re still together.

During Monday evening’s episode, viewers continued to trash the “Laugh Til I Cry” singer for her “insane” behavior over her ex-lover, but they also slammed Black for staying with Valentine.

Brooke Valentino

(photo credit: omfg Instagram)

Things got quite messy when the 33-year-old invited Black and his girlfriend Stassia to her home and confronted them about possibly having a baby on the way. Valentine and “Staci” went back and forth before the rapper’s girlfriend decided to depart from the house.

Just when viewers expected Black to go chasing after his girlfriend, instead he walked right into Valentine’s arms and gave her kiss.

In the midst of his confessional, he said, “Brooke is relentless… But seeing Brooke fight for my affection, I must admit it kind of turns me on.”

Fans blasted Marcus for being just as “crazy” as Valentine for continuing to deal with the Houston singer.

“He needs to put his foot down once and for all! @mvrcusblvck You look like a fool what you letting Brooke do to you,” one person wrote.

“Marcus is just as crazy and a fool in love lbh Brooke know what she ding and that marriage won’t last btw,” another added.

“He ain’t never told her he don’t want her or nothing, and every time she around he let her ramble in front of the other girl. He’s nuts! 😩”

“Marcus know he loves this crazy s**t #LHHH.”

One “LHHH” viewer commented, “Marcus love Brooke’s crazy self and I do too 😩 #lhhh.”

Black and Valentine were off and on during last season and remained friends. The two are currently on a break in their relationship, but the pair continues to deal with one another.

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