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Birdman’s Recent Financial Situation May be the Real Reason Toni Braxton Postponed the Wedding

Does Birdman’s recent financial problems have anything to do with why his marriage to Toni Braxton is delayed?

According to The Blast, EMG Transfer Agent wants to take over Birdman’s Miami music studio, The Hit Factory because he hasn’t paid rent, despite a court order. The Cash Money co-founder received a $12 million loan from the company and used his mansion and the studio as collateral.

Birdman In Danger of Losing Music Studio


In addition, EMG said they’re confused as to why Birdman can’t pay the rent since big names like The Rock and Marc Anthony have recorded there recently.  

Birdman, however, said he wasn’t ordered by the court to pay the company rent, and the studio gets money from up and coming rappers making demos, not from celebrities. The 49-year-old also explained that he uses the space to hone young rappers that he sees potential in.  

Plus, Birdman said if he loses the studio, he won’t be able to discover the next big star like he did Lil Wayne. And the studio itself will become less popular if his name isn’t attached, because a lot of people won’t to record there anymore.

It was just last week that people heard Birdman and Braxton were no longer getting married in August as originally planned. And although some may believe the delay is because of financial reasons or other problems, the R&B singer said it’s just a matter of scheduling.

“B and I got engaged seven months ago, but we haven’t set a date because of my schedule,” said Braxton in a clip of her reality show. “I hate that. You’re supposed to set a date and stick to it. But unfortunately, in our business, it can be challenging sometimes.”

At this time, in regards to Birdman and AEG, the judge hasn’t made a ruling on the studio yet.

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