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Taraji P Henson’s Makeup Stylist Slams Critics For Saying the Actress Looks Like Michael Jackson in Recent Photo

Taraji P. Henson shocked her followers with a different look that they believed made her resemble the late icon Michael Jackson.

Henson’s recent social media selfie was not like her previous melanin-enriched photos. This post made the actress look very pale. After explaining that it could be lighting, she made a joke about favoring Jackson. Her caption said, “Uuuuuuummmmmm kinda Trippy NO? Hair and make up is something huh? I think it’s the lighting. If not I was supposed to be the 6th of the 5 😩😂😂😂 💋💋💋.”

Taraji P Henson

The fans could not stop making jokes about the “Empire” actress looking unrecognizable.

“Michael that you?”

“I thought that was Michael Jackson 😂😂😂”

“Did you get a nose Job or something 😖😩 Damn I hate this planet”

“I don’t co sign for all these entertainment people lightening their skin. Hell No!😡”

“Makes me think of LaToya Jackson”

“Did she bleach her skin or something🤷🏾‍♀️”

“Best MJ impersonator goes to 👀👀👀 😂 @tarajiphenson you know this is your Halloween outfit take off it’s still August 😂”

Henson’s makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff came to her defense after all of the clowning. “Lighting makes a major difference in how your makeup appears. Taraji has a yellow undertone and in her trailer the lights are fluorescent,” Sheriff said. She continued, “Where as in the #makeuptrailer the lights are natural light bulbs. Anyone who is a pro knows that fluorescent lighting will turn your skin tone green and make you appear ashy.”

Sheriff also reminded the critics that she is an established make-up artist and “not to come for my job or my talent cause the work speaks for itself. I’m so damn tired of people throwing stones and don’t even understand the technicalities involved when it comes to #makeup, #hair, or #fashion and be so quick to judge people’s work without knowing all the technicalities involved.”


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