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Folks Accuse Future of ‘Settling’ for New Girlfriend Brittni Mealy After Ciara Moves On

A swanky dinner, diamonds, a yacht and a private jet. It’s not a bad way to ring in your birthday. Just ask Brittni Mealy, the mother of Future’s son Prince.

Last week, Future took to Instagram and told all of his followers that Mealy is the love of his life, and for her birthday he really dolled out the dollars.

Future Bought Brittni Mealy Two Diamond Rings


Among some of the gifts he bought her, were a diamond necklace and a watch, but what seemed to grab most people’s attention were the two diamond rings that Brittni received. Some people believed those rings meant that Future popped the question.

But instead of congratulating Brittni , many threw shade and didn’t wish her well at all.

“Money does not buy happiness, and diamonds won’t make him stay faithful,” one person wrote.

“He’s only settling for you because he couldn’t get Ciara back,” wrote another. “We all know what type of woman he really wanted.”

Meanwhile, Ciara seems happy being married to NFL quarterback Russell Wilson, who she jumped the broom with in 2016. Although according to some, like Slim Thug, she still wants to be with Future.

“Do a woman who used to talk to Future really want a Russell Wilson?” he asked during a recent interview. “I don’t believe it. I think it’s all for financial stability. I don’t think that — after you like the dude who cool … Homeboy just [the opposite].”

Ciara then responded and said she wanted to date somebody different than the guys she’s been with in the past, but she didn’t mention Slim’s comment specifically. 

Future, for his part, hasn’t said anything about being engaged, nor has Brittni so we really don’t know if the rings were for a proposal or just some pricey gifts.

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