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April Ryan Says a ‘Quiet Movement’ Is Brewing After Andrew Gillum’s Victory

White House reporter April Ryan says Andrew Gillum‘s stunning victory in the Florida Democratic primary proves the tides are turning.

During a Tuesday appearance on CNN’s “Tonight with Don Lemon,” Ryan applauded Gillum’s unexpected win, saying a “quiet movement” is brewing against President Donald Trump. A new surge of liberal and progressive support in the Republican state gives Gillum the momentous opportunity to become the first African-American governor in Florida’s history.

Georgia is seeing similar change, as Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams is also in the running to become the Peach State’s first Black governor.

“It’s very interesting,” Ryan began. “For all intents and purposes in this Trump era, this should not be. Two African-Americans in red states, the reddest of states, rising to the top and could possibly wind up winning the governorship.”

The American Urban Radio reporter argued that Gillum’s win isn’t only significant because he’s the first Black man to win that seat, but because it signals a significant change in the way Floridians are voting. She also noted the uptick in minorities running for public office all across the country.

“The president is trying to hold on to his base, but there is this quiet movement of going to the polls and saying this is what we want,” Ryan told host Don Lemon. “We want change too. So let’s see who wins out in this fight.”

“Once again, I find it so interesting how we talk about the South,” Ryan added. “Some have said the South shall rise again, but in a different way. You have something that we’ve never seen before happening in Florida.”

Watch more in the clip below.

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