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NeNe Leakes and Husband Gregg Take Camera to Doctor’s Office for Inside Look at Latest Post-Cancer Treatment

Three months after NeNe Leakes confirmed her husband Gregg Leakes had cancer, she documented a recent trek the couple made to a doctor’s office, where she said he was undergoing a medical procedure.

“They’re just doing a quick little outpatient [procedure],” NeNe explained on Instagram Live on Friday, Aug. 24. When a nurse asked Gregg what he’s having done, he appeared to answer he was getting a colonoscopy.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star didn’t stick around for the procedure, which the nurse explained would have him in and out in an hour. Instead, she elected to leave and run some errands she needed to get done, as well as gear up for an interview.

“Are you afraid? Do you want me to hold your hand?” she asked her husband, checking in to see if he’d rather she’d stay.

After NeNe gave her Gregg a kiss, she told him to wave at the camera before she headed out.

NeNe Leakes


Previously, the Leakes shared they’ve taken up a healthy lifestyle to combat Gregg’s cancer, which includes cutting out most meat for NeNe and all meat for Gregg.

“Cancer patients rely on support a great deal! With that said, Gregg has switched his diet to Vegan and I’m supporting his efforts so I’ve given up all meat and consider myself a Pescatarian!” NeNe said on Instagram last month. “It wasn’t even hard for me! I just said, ‘I’M DONE’ but I need a little seafood in my life🤷🏾‍♀️. We are working really hard on getting our website up because you guys have asked so many great questions and you’ve helped us as well with all of your knowledge! With this site, we can help each other with motivation, herbs, recipes, diets, exercise etc. coming soon my friends😘 PS: keep the info coming! #lifeoftheleakes #fightingcancertogether.”

In June, Leakes revealed her husband was diagnosed with cancer, although it hasn’t been revealed what kind of cancer it was. Not long after, Leakes shared that Gregg’s cancer had been removed.


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