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Michelle Williams Reveals What Fiance Chad Johnson Thinks of ‘Cater to You’

Former Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams revealed to fans that she and her fiance Chad Johnson are abstaining from sex until marriage.

Williams shared a playful story on Instagram about what happens when Johnson hears the sultry Destiny’s Child hit “Cater to You.”

Michelle WilliamsShe stated, “Sitting in a restaurant with @chadjohnson77 and Cater To You comes on and I made this face 🙄 because he’s waiting on the first and second verse to be fulfilled one day. 🙄 I wrote my verse about empowering the man. I wish you would tap me on my shoulder while I’m sleep  (that was Kelly’s promise, not mine!)”

She continued, “My aunt said, “don’t make no promises you can’t keep!” Sorry Chad!! Naw I’m just playin kinda…… I know that I NOW have a man worthy of those first two verses in Cater To You. I was so over the foolishness back then and I was like “I’ll just let you know you’re a good man without all the extra and I’ll always have your back!”

In case anyone wasn’t clear, Williams added, “Ps: we’re waiting until marriage for some of those wishes and desires to happen. Pray for us!”

Williams and Johnson announced their engagement in April after a year of dating. Johnson, who’s a pastor, was hosting a spiritual retreat in Arizona in March 2017 when the couple bonded over being in a “horrible, dark place.”

Some of those issues were still lingering for Williams who “proudly” checked herself into a mental health facility for depression last month. “Progress not Perfection ❤! I feel the [love]! I just wanted to let you guys know I’m better.”

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