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Fans Drag ‘LHHH’ Brooke Valentine for Being ‘Delusional’ Over Ex-Lover Marcus

Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star Brooke Valentine is becoming less of a fan favorite as she continues to pursue her ex-boyfriend.

Valentine and her ex-boyfriend Marcus appeared to be broken up during season 5 of “LHHH.” The star said Marcus bought her a ring, but she wasn’t ready to commit. The “Girl Fight” singer then announced to her friends and cast-mates on the show that she’s currently engaged. However, her ex-boyfriend is in a relationship with another woman that Valentine knows about.

Brooke Valentine

(photo credit: jays reality screenshot)

Fans blasted the Houston singer for acting “crazy” and “thirsty” over her “nonexistent” relationship with Marcus.

“I’m mad she think being crazy and weird like that behind a nigga is cute and okay… goofy looking ass,” one fan wrote.

“Brooke is really acting thirsty…stop saying u from H-town…because we do not act like that.. u looking ridiculous in these streets,” another person added.

“Brooke messy asf for that wanting a nigga that bad you don’t have to do all that that shit lane and karma gone get her.”

“Brooke is an embarrassment. Proposing to herself and acting like this when he is clearly fucking this girl. No self worth at all from either woman.”

“This season has officially made me not like Brooke.”

One VH1 viewer commented, “Imagine being this desperate for a nigga that clearly don’t want you ☹️.’

During the next episode of “LHHH” Valentine confronts Marcus and his girlfriend Stacy and the situation quickly went left.

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