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Tami Roman Gathers Fan Who Questions Her Relationship with Shaunie O’Neal After She Praises Mona Scott-Young

Tami Roman is giving thanks to the woman who has breathed new life into her career while also shutting down a naysayer. The “Basketball Wives” star on Saturday posted a glimpse of a new project she’s completing for Vh1 reality star producer  Mona Scott-Young.

“@monascottyoung came into my life & elevated my thought process, her belief in me has put me in positions to do things I’ve only dreamed about,” Roman wrote. “Trying something new… #BonnetsAndBrunch thank you @chefahki for blessing me with your presence, spirit and food 😂😂😂.”

Tami Roman

Many fans applauded Roman’s dedication to the reality TV juggernaut.

“God to have people in your [comments] motivating you on to achieve your dreams and goals in life and not hold you back.”

“This right here is all you need. To be surrounded by people who only want to uplift you. What a blessing! 🙌🏽 🙌🏽.”

“Fantastic ❤️❤️.”

And Scott-Young had a sweet message for Roman, too.

“@Tamiroman thank YOU for being an AMAZING collaborator! Your talent is obvious but the world is full of talented dreamers…your exacting professionalism, spot on creative instincts, sharp intellect and determination to Execute with Excellence AT ALL TIMES is what will make your dreams come true. Happy and proud to be along for the ride….🙏🏽❤️
ps- and you funny too! 🤣🤣😘😘

“correction: *ARE what will make your dreams come true…(you know I’m the OCD grammar police! 😜), ” she added.

Tami Roman

But one commenter had issues with why Roman apparently didn’t have kind words for her friend, and BBW co-star and executive producer. Shaunie O’Neal.

“I wonder why you didn’t say this about Shaunie after all she’s your friend. She should be doing this for each and every one of you what Mona Scott did for you. But keep elevating and you may reach the same level as Shaunie.”

“@susiegeorge0805 honey I can celebrate my affiliation with one woman without diminishing my relationship with another,” Roman replied in a matter of fact manner. “It’s not a competition my love. Change your mindset, work on that because this felt very negative and unwarranted.”

tami roman

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