Syracuse Fire Chief Gets Demoted After Disgusting Facebook Post Targeting Maxine Waters

A New York fire chief was demoted from his position after calling the California Democrat the n-word.

Jim Brewster went from East Syracuse fire chief to village firefighter after calling Maxine Waters a racial slur on Facebook in June, WSTM reported. Mayor Robert Tackman made the decision to remove the fire employee from his leading position and suspended him without compensation in the midst of the investigation.

Jim Brewster

(photo credit: twitter)

A screenshot of Brewster’s comment surfaced on the Internet in July. He wrote, “Maxine gives the word nigger a bad name.” The post has since been deleted.

Brewster underwent a civil hearing and the village board decided to remove him as fire chief. During the meeting, Tackman said the man apologized for his racially insensitive words.

“He has expressed remorse for posting that, and he has said he’s sorry to me,” the East Syracuse mayor told the news station.

The village fire fighter’s offensive remark follows Waters’ speech in June. She encouraged supporters to confront members of President Trump’s administration over immigrant children being separated from their parents.

“How dare you take the babies from mothers’ arms? How dare you take the children and send them all across the country into so-called detention centers?” Waters scolded Trump and his staffers.

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