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‘Power’ Star Naturi Naughton Sparks Chatter About ‘Choosing’ to Have a Family and a Career

Naturi Naughton welcomed her first child, Zuri, at age 34 last year but she wouldn’t trade a thing for her child.

Recently, Naughton opened up to Essence magazine about life as a working mom and it contains an encouraging word to working moms while sharing her adoration for her baby.

Naturi Naughton


“Life is really interesting in so many different ways. As an artist, I was creating this emotionally devastating situation with losing a daughter, but at the same time that I was shooting the scenes about the death of Raina, I was pulling from the fact that I was carrying a life,” she told the publication’s July/August issue of the dichotomies of her life and her “Power” character Tasha St. Patrick. “Choosing to have my beautiful daughter Zuri was the best decision I could have ever made. Not for my career but for me as a human. I’m a better woman; I’m a better person because of her.”

She also noted that her role “gives me the confidence to be a woman.”

“It’s the first role that has given me the chance to explore motherhood even before I was a mom,” she added.

On Instagram, the magazine noted that “living your best life doesn’t require choosing a career or family. Living your best life is defined by finding what works for you.”

Fans appreciated Naughton’s take and shared how similarly they feel about their own children.

“Amen! Our children make us period‼️ ❤️”

“Same here with my daughter. Such a blessing.”

“Agreed!!! I feel the same way about my son.”

“I totally get it I had my daughter young but to this day — and mind you she’s 28 — she is the best decision I ever, ever made in life.”

“That’s how I feel about being pregnant with my son now. His dad wanted me to abort but I chose to keep my baby now I’m 6 months pregnant and alone struggling.”


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