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Angela Rye Rips Into CNN Panelist Who Repeatedly Cuts Her Off During Heated Debate

CNN commentator Angela Rye slammed a member of President Trump’s 2020 Advisory Council after she tried to justify the questionable number of Black staffers at the White House.

During a segment on CNN Wednesday evening, panelists discussed how White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders refused to answer questions about the administration’s diversity.

Angela Rye

(photo credit: CNN screenshot)

Sanders told the press, “As I addressed yesterday, we value diversity, not just at the White House, but throughout the entire administration, and we’re going to continue trying to diversify this staff.”

In the midst of Rye’s heated exchange with Gina Loudin, the advisory council member tried to justify the unidentified percentage of Black staffers in the White House.

Loudin compared the administration’s lack of diversity to “overcoming slavery” and said former presidents didn’t need Black employees to accomplish such a task.

Rye, CEO of political advocacy firm Impact Strategies, was stunned at the advisor’s comments and fired off at Loudin for her “offensive” talking points.

“I think I’m stuck in 1865 right now,” Rye said.

Loudin kept cutting the CNN commentator off as she tried to explain why she disagreed and Rye was not having it.

“What you’re not going to keep doing is talking over me because my Black life matters and so does my voice… So what you’re going to do right now is listen to what I’m saying to you.. And what you said what deeply offensive.”

Loudin was completely silent and the former Congressional Black Caucus Executive Director continued to tear into the Trump staffer.

“So regardless of your points about slavery, which are nonsense ― I hope you R.I.P. those talking points tonight, they should never be resurrected ― I’m telling you that it’s a problem in this White House, with this staff, and the reason why is because it’s slim pickings,” Rye said. “You know why? Because no one wants to go work for a racist.”

Loudin responded back by saying she wouldn’t support Trump if she thought he would harm her disabled “adopted minority son” in any way.

Rye told the panelist that she should be “ashamed” of herself for trying to use her son as an example of why she supports the president.

Watch the exchange below:

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