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‘RHOP’ Candiace Dillard and Ashley Darby Go Toe-to-Toe During Reunion Special

Candiace Dillard may have been a newbie to the “Real Housewives of Potomac” show, but she stood her ground the entire season including on the upcoming reunion.

Bravo released the trailer of Season 3’s explosive reunion and drama erupted among the cast-mates including Dillard and Ashley Darby.

The two ladies sat on the couch and the camera panned to Darby who tried to shade Dillard’s husband and home. The 30-year-old blurted out towards her new co-star, “She’s not a housewife, she’s a house-daughter.” Dillard shot right back at Darby and rebutted, “And you’re a house trollop.”

Candiace Dillard

(photo via Candiace)

Fans had mixed reactions to Dillard and Darby’s reunion confrontation and even blasted both “housewives.”

One fan said, “Ashley always wanna be in someone else’s business, like girl…shouldn’t you be worried about trying to keep your man off of Ashley Madison and sugar”

Another viewer of the show wrote, “I’m sad to see Ashley and Candiace’s friendship take such an ugly turn this season. I think that Ashley is being very judgmental of Candiace, as are a lot of the other girls. I understand they may have an opinion on how her mother supports her, but it’s different family dynamics. Her mother supports her because she is able to, just like Ashley supported her mother and paid her mother’s rent for years.”

“Candace irks me for some reason 🙄.”

“Ashley I love you girl but you are too nosy. Mind your DAMN BUSINESS! Put ALL that effort in your own business to figure out what you want in life and in your own relationships with other people.”

“Candace is such a child, most sophomoric clap back attempts…she should leave, she doesn’t have the range.”

One person commented, “Yasss Candace get Ashley and ANDY together! I don’t have to share everything so let’s be clear on THAT!”

The two women’s beef escalated after Darby kept asking Karen Huger about her “Great Falls Mansion” during episode 16. Both “RHOP” stars went toe-to-toe and it ended with Dillard telling Darby to go “suck a d**k.”

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