NeNe Leakes’ Die-Hard Fans Go to Battle for Her After Being Called ‘Fake’ By Another Fan

NeNe Leakes is known for being the ‘queen of shade’ and she reaffirmed her title after dragging a fan online Saturday who slammed her physical appearance.

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star sported a fashion piece from her new clothing line “Swaggalicious.” She wore a plaid crop top and promoted her boutique located in Miami Beach, Florida. Leakes told her Instagram fans to, “Get into Swagg Boutique.”

NeNe Leakes

(photo credit: Leakes Instagram)

Well, one of the reality star’s social media followers with the handle “latrinajones82” had an issue with Leakes’ physical appearance and commented, “I like you but I gotta be honest with you… You look fake… Looking natural is the ultimate beauty. You really do look fake and that’s not cute.”

Leakes was not in the mood to deal with any criticism and fired back at the woman, “Looking and feeling the way you want too is the ultimate goal! It’s about what makes me happy, not you boo! You have a lot of chin fat and to be honest, it looks a mess.”

The star continued, “Oh and your lipstick is the wrong color, but hey if you happy, I’m happy! Your choice.”

Fans applauded Leakes for her epic response and jumped to her rescue.

” [NeNe Leakes] Yes get her together,” one person commented.

Others directed their anger directly toward Latrina. “girl how dare you give a back handed compliment. Anything after you said “I like you” is too much. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all. Now with that being said Nene Looks GREAT!!!!”

Another added, “I’ve always wondered what people get out of being mean? What did that do for you? Did it help your community? Pay your bills? Did it put $$ in your pocket? Did it make you feel better about your self? It takes nothing to scroll through or unfollow.”

Not even Latrina’s name was saved from scrutiny, “I sorry young lady,I don’t want to be nasty or anything, but oh my goodness is “Latrina” your real name? Do you know what this name means? The word “Latrina” means Toilet! Please change that… unless you are okay with that!”

The critic wasn’t going away quietly. While being pounded with comments from Leakes’ fans, Latrina had more to say.

“LOL, I can’t stand fake ass bitch from the inside out..Ridiculous..Most black women can’t even jump in the damn pool because everything on their ass fake…and black women wonder why all the black men running to white girls…Because there’s not enough real natural black women…Take me as I am or Fuck You.”

Several more comments like these followed but eventually, however, she apologized to the star. “I apologize if what I said offended you…I try not to judge people because Lord knows I’m not perfect…This message is to you and you alone not all these other bitches..Lol..Fr..Do what makes you happy..I should have kept my opinion to myself…I will say a prayer for Gregg and if you got time say a prayer for me.”

Leakes has been receiving a large amount of criticism lately from her diet to her body. One fan even called her ‘plastic’.

The reality star is dealing with her husband Gregg Leakes‘ recent cancer diagnosis. She added on Instagram, “F**k cancer… you got this.”

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