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Lance Gross Has ‘No Time to Argue with Fools’ Who Accuse Him of ‘Self-Hate’

A dark skinned Black man with a light skinned woman usually means the guy chose her because she’s light, and he hates his skin color. 

That’s a stereotype that needs to disappear, said actor Lance Gross, after some said he wasn’t proud of his complexion.

Lance Gross Claps Back


It all started when Gross posted a photo of his son Lennon and said he was happy the infant was getting darker. “Little man’s color is comin’ in nicely,” he wrote. “I’m hyped.”

Out of nowhere, some brought up the actor’s wife Rebecca’s light complexion and said he was disappointed that his kids weren’t the same skin tone. This is despite the fact that Gross said he was excited that his child was gaining some color.

Plus, some said he chose Rebecca because of her lighter complexion, which he addressed.

“Let me address this misconception. I absolutely love who Lorin and Alice Gross created,” wrote Lance. “One thing I’ve never desired to be was anyone else. Two things I’m proud of is the ability to smile through any situation and the rich melanin that layers my body. For my daughter or son to share that blessing makes me overjoyed. Miss me with the self-hate, ‘cause those opinions and assumptions are invalid.”

Gross also slammed those who assume their opinion will have anything to do with how he views himself, his spouse or his children. He then wrote about colorism and how a lot of folks don’t realize just how harmful it is.

“I won’t argue with fools, but I’m down to inform the misinformed to a certain extent before I stop giving a sh–,” wrote Gross. “I am a proud Black man that loves my African American wife and that will remain. The simple minds of others don’t hold me when I need to be held, assist in raising my kids and maintain a loving relationship and household.”

The actor’s post received nearly 50,000 likes and over 3,000 comments in just 24 hours, and many backed what he wrote.

“Some of y’all are ridiculous. Accusing him of colorism but then talking down about his wife,” one person commented. “Hypocrites beat it. Here we go again with this acceptable idea of Black. Foh with that.”

“I didn’t get that Lance wished his son was lighter from the caption,” wrote someone else. “He literally said he was hyped about his child’s color coming in. WTF were they reading? Some people are triggered whether one speaks negatively or positively about race.”

You can read Gross’ entire message below.

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