Kandi Burruss Posts Cute Video of Son Singing In Car When Fans Comments Make Things Go Left

Kandi Burruss just wanted to share a cute video of her son singing along to Lil Duval’s viral song, but what wound up happening was her getting skewered for the way her son was strapped into his car seat.

Kandi Burruss 

Credit: Kandi Burruss Instagram

“My friend @katrinacwillis just sent me this video of @acewellstucker singing @lilduval song. 🤣 Even my baby is living his best life! #LivingMyBestLife #SmileB,” Burruss captioned the post of Ace singing the same song his grandmother was vibing to days earlier. The song, called “Smile B—-,” has been making the rounds on social media as of late.

However, the cute moment was swiftly overshadowed when eagle-eyed Instagram users questioned why 2-year-old Ace wasn’t seemingly in his seat properly.

“That’s car seat looks like it’s for infants.. and the chest clip doesn’t go to the belly. That’s why it’s called a chest clip and the strap is twisted God forbid if something happened!”

“It don’t look buckled right.”

“Yeah, the boy isn’t buckled in that seat right. They wreck @kandi he’s ejected. Better teach them how to properly adjust those straps.”

“Please educate yourself on how to buckle Ace in properly. I’m not trying to be mean but this could save your kid’s life in a car accident.

However, some commenters chimed in to take up for Burruss and young Ace.

“So I take it that everybody who’s talking about the car seat didn’t notice the black straps on the front of him. 🤦🏾‍♀️ The seatbelt is just an extra precaution. He is buckled in correctly. SMH.”

“Y’all stressing and guessing and seatbelt patrolling about somebody else’s child? Man, Lord give these people something to do for the rest of 2018! Smh.”

“I love lil’ ace cuteness but why are y’all so concerned about car seats if his very wealthy mother doesn’t? She got this, enjoy the song.”


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