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Nicki Minaj Reveals New Tattoo During Guest Appearance on ‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’

Nicki Minaj featured on Wednesday’s episode of “Black Ink Crew Chicago” and finally revealed her new tattoo.

The star teased fans in June when she dropped by “9 MAG” and got a tattoo done by Ryan Henry. However, fans weren’t quite sure if the star would be filming on the VH1 reality, but she indeed made a guest appearance.

Minaj told Henry that she wanted to get “Barbie” inked on her left wrist in pink to commemorate her upcoming album “Queen.” Fans lit Twitter on fire while the show played her song “Barbie Tings in the background. One person wrote, “Started 2-steppin around the crib when they played #BarbieTingz on #BlackInkChi.”

The star also dropped some knowledge to Henry after he explained why he separated from his other colleagues.

She told the tattoo artist, “Keep killing it. Keep doing your thing. There’s not fucking ceiling on your growth. There’s no ceiling on your prosperity. It’s all in your mind. Whatever you say with your mouth, confess it and that’s that. And then walk towards it and keep it moving. And anybody who don’t fall in line, falls back and that’s that.”

Fans had mixed reactions to Minaj’s appearance on “Black Ink Chicago.”

One Twitter user wrote, “So now nicki doing tv shows??? What’s good!?”

Another added, “I’m so proud of my baby [NICKI MINAJ]! You did good.”

One person wrote, “Nicki Minaj Doing #BlackInkCHI Was Dope. Seeing As She Knows Them In Real Life Not Just The Show.”

An Instagram user commented, “Nicki Minaj is getting closer to starring on Love And Hip Hop. Y’all see it.”

Minaj recently announced to fans that her “Queen” album has been pushed back to August 17 instead of the 10th. She said one of her tracks sampled musician Tracy Chapman.

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