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Man in Rage Hurls Racial Abuse at Woman Outside Her Home, Then Mocks Her for Having Black Nephews

Shocking video of a bald-headed man in a full-fledged shouting match with a woman at her doorstep has sparked outrage, allegedly prompting an investigation by the man’s employer.

The incident, recorded and shared to Facebook last week, reportedly occurred in Barnsley, South Yorkshire in the U.K., according to Mirror Online. It’s unclear what started the nasty squabble, but it quickly escalated to a verbal attack, replete with profanity and racial slurs.

“Listen, shut the f–k up you silly b—h,” the man enraged man shouts, pointing a finger at the woman. “What you going to f—–g do?”

The man grows so angry that, at one point, the woman asks if he’s going to hit her.

“I’m not going to hit you,” he shouts back. “Listen, I’m not a f—–g p— , I don’t hit f—–g women.”

In a second video showing the racist rant, the man, who’s wearing a “Quality Save” work shirt, begins teasing the woman for having Black family members.

“Listen, all I’m going to say is at least all my nephews are not f—–g Black like your kids,” he yells before slamming his car door and driving off.

In a statement, a spokesman for discount store Quality Save said the company is aware of the video and is investigating the incident.

“As an equal rights employer, we would like to state that the comments in the video do not represent our beliefs or culture as a company and are the comments of a lone individual,” the spokesman said.

Watch more in the video below.

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