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Florida High School Principal Excuses Behavior of Student Firing BB Gun and Yelling Racial Slurs ‘We Are Imperfect People’

A Florida high school student is being investigated after a video of him shooting a BB gun and yelling racial slurs went viral. His school principal deemed the video a “civil matter” and said there’s only so much he can do to discipline the student.

Principle Joe Burgess of Lawton Chiles High School told WCTV that he spoke to the student and his parents about the video. The video shows the unidentified student shooting a BB gun out of the window while driving and yelling about “attacking n*ggers.” Burgess said that he and the family of the student have taken appropriate disciplinary actions.

Burgess essentially chucked the incident up to a having a large student body telling WCTV that “if you have enough students and enough people you have things happen.”

Zoe Mitchell, another student at the high school, voiced her opinion about the incident. “If nothing else it will get more attention from other people, not just disturbed Chiles students, so I think that will probably be the biggest impact,” Mitchell said.

Burgess said, “things are never going to be perfect, as a school we are imperfect people. We strive to be perfect, but we are imperfect people.” The principal said he plans to discuss these issues with the students but hasn’t had a chance due to testing.

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