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Diamond and Silk Claim They’re Living Under ‘the New Jim Crow,’ Thanks to Alleged Social Media Censorship

Conservative vloggers Diamond and Silk on Friday likened their supposed “censorship” on Facebook to oppressive Jim Crow laws, further fueling already debunked claims of the so-called purging of right-wing voices.

The pair stopped by “Fox & Friends” last week to discuss the alleged suppression of conservative voices on social media amid frenzied accusations from Republicans, who claimed prominent conservatives were being “shadow banned” on Twitter.

” … I call this the new Jim Crow day,” said Diamond, whose real name is Lynette Hardaway. “Back in the day you were discriminated based on the color of your skin. Now you’re being discriminated against based on the color of your politics. This is the new Jim Crow…they’re weaponizing their platforms with algorithms to suppress the voices of conservatives.”

Silk, aka Rochelle Richardson, accused social media platforms of lying about the supposed censorship and passing it off as “some type of glitch or error.”

“Well these are deliberate glitches and these are deliberate errors because it’s only affecting Republicans,” she said.

The sisters’ claims of censorship first came last September, when they argued that “bias and discrimination” against their brand was responsible for their dwindling viewership on Facebook, ThinkProgress reported. In April, the social media giant flagged the duo’s video content as inappropriate and “unsafe for the community,” a move Diamond & Silk said cost them hundreds of followers and potential viewers.

An analysis by ThinkProgress, however, revealed the avid Trump supporters actually saw an increase in online interactions after they were censored.

The sisters went before the House Judiciary Committee earlier this year to discuss the supposed censorship, where they were pressed about a $1,274.94 payment from the Trump campaign for “field consulting.”

Watch more in the video below.

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