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‘She Did Not Deserve That!’ Community Rallies Around Black Woman Kicked by Gas Station Clerks 

Protesters demanded justice for a Black woman who was physically assaulted by two Gas Mart employees.

A video shared on Tuesday by patron Shameka Russel went viral on Facebook after a woman was violently kicked from the back by gas station workers. Russel witnessed the incident as she sat parked outside of Gas Mart. She exclaimed, “She did not deserve that at all.”

Protest group “Expect Us” demanded justice and posted on Facebook, “We are calling for accountability. He had no right to kick her!!”

Several residents arrived at the Gas Mart on Delmar Boulevard around a few hours after the video was posted. The protesters shut the convenient store down by parking their cars at the gas pumps while they demonstrated outside.

Local activist Rep. Bruce Franks Jr. who boycotted the store told the St. Louis American, “We saw a video where a young lady got kicked by the store owner… The [workers] walked away, walked back up, and kicked her. That ain’t happening, so folks are talking about taking their community back.”

Missouri candidate Wiley Price IV who’s running for state representative in the district added, “This is a cornerstone to the neighborhood… Everybody from near and far comes to this gas station, especially since they shut down the gas station on Delmar and Skinker.”

About 50 residents showed up to protest peacefully and no one was arrested.

Store employees told Fox 2 the two gas station employees were taken into custody around 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday by St. Louis officers. One of the workers was the owner of the store. However, the St Louis Circuit Attorney’s office said the incident is still being investigated and no charges were pressed.

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