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Michael B. Jordan’s Positive Post Quickly Goes Left As Fans Blast Him for Not Dating Black Women

“Black Panther” star Michael B. Jordan took to Instagram to gather support for a pre-organized Lupus event. However, the positive post spiraled out of control as fans trashed the actor for not dating Black women.

Jordan shared a photo alongside his mother on social media to promote his upcoming event “MBJAM” which was created to bring awareness to Lupus. His mother was diagnosed with the disease years ago and has been managing it since.

The star wrote, “I’m soooo geeked as many of you know I had my first annual [MBJAM] last year & this year I can promise you it’ll be bigger & better!! [LUPUS of L.A.] the organization that has helped my mother & others living with Lupus flourish & thrive thanks to their amazing resources & support. For those who don’t know #MBJAM is a fun family event & charity that raises funds for [LUPUS of L.A.] to help others & also brings awareness to the disease itself. 😎”

Many of Jordan’s social media followers praised the actor for using his “platform” to shine a light on the disease. However, other fans slammed Jordan after he was seen jet-skiing and partying it up with white women.

“I really cant believe he only like white girls😭,” one person wrote.

“Black men love sleeping with white women & creating mix babies as if it’s some type of trend. Self hate is real among black men#isaidwhatisaid,” another said.

One fan added, “Black women, we shouldn’t be upset over Black men who obviously hate Black women. have some dignity. we don’t need to defend ourselves and prove our worth and beauty to Black men. i’m beautiful and i don’t need a Black man to tell me that. don’t stress sistas.”

Jordan recently addressed his dating preferences in a Twitter video and said he’s never said anything about not dating Black women.

“Newsflash, there’s not a lot of Black women in Italy. Y’all are buggin’. I ran through the comments, Y’all tearing your boy up! It’s not, it’s just not. Sorry,” he said. “I like milk. I like chocolate milk — I love chocolate milk. And I like almond milk, strawberry milk. You know the cinnamon toast crunch? The milk after that, I like that, too. That’s pretty good. I like milk period. Y’all just doin’ a lot. Y’all gotta chill.”

It should be noted that tennis champion Serena Williams who is married to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian does not experience this level of vitriol due to her interracial marriage.

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