Memphis Teen Hailed a Hero After Using Fire Department Internship Training to Save a Man’s Life  

The city of Memphis is hailing an 18-year-old girl a hero after coming to a man’s rescue in June.

Kaylee Mosley, an intern with the Memphis Fire Department was heading home when she rode past a man who’d crashed his car into the highway sound barrier. The young woman was the only person in sight and soon realized the victim wasn’t breathing.

An off-duty cop drove up to the scene and pulled the man out of his totaled vehicle. Mosley began instructing a bystander who pulled up on how to perform CPR. The Briarcrest Christian School graduate told WREG, “I taught her how to do the compressions, taught her how to count them out and how many to do before I do the breath.”

Moments before Mosley called her Memphis Fire Department Lt. Major McNeil and informed him of the incident. He told the Tri-State Defender he was more concerned for her safety than anything.

“I was very excited that she wanted to help but her safety was most important to me,” McNeil said. “It’s one thing to know CPR, but it is important that they know how to apply it in the correct situation. What KayLee did saved that man’s life… I am very proud of her and her actions, and that should be merited and praised.”

The 18-year-old applied the CPR training she learned from her internship and saved a man’s life. She and the other two bystanders waited until emergency units arrived.

“I had to take deep breaths, remember my training, remember what I was taught and what I needed to do and just do it,” Mosley said.

The hero’s CPR instructor MFD Lieutenant Thurman Garrett said it made him proud that Mosley “stepped up to the plate like that and saved somebody’s life.”

The high-school graduate will be attending Loyola University in the fall and wants to obtain her degree in pediatric nursing. She added, “I kind of got a glimpse into what I might have to be doing. So, I know that I will be able to do it. So, I’m very excited.”

The young lady is apart of the Memphis Ambassador’s Program. McNeil plans on nominating Mosley for MFD’s Civilian Service Award.

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