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NeNe Leakes Angers Fans After Canceling Scheduled Comedy Show Without Notification

While “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes was posting photos of her vacation with husband Gregg Leakes who’s battling cancer, fans were upset about a canceled show date.

NeNe shared a picture of her looking into the skyline with glamor shades, casual army fatigue pants, a jeans jacket and no care in the world with the caption, “The view tho.”

Some fans were in awe of the shot and showed NeNe and her family some love.

“God Bless you and your family and take a little time to enjoy the view💖”

“I’m sure you will never even see this but I’m still putting it out there. You are an inspiration and I thank you. You always rise up higher when pushed down. You have over come a lot and have to be strong to fight for better like you do with no bs. Thanks for being true to your self.”

“Strong black woman!! You got it under control 😍”

Others, however, were pissed that the reality star-turned-comedian canceled a show in Denver and didn’t bother to tell her fans.

“Looks better than a denver comedy club that was expecting you. #noshow #paidfullprice #vipticket#severelydisappointed #ilikekimbetter”

“Yes the view looks amazing but I wish I could of seen you tonight in Denver 😢”

“Well we missed you in Denver, we weren’t notified of the canceled show until we arrived at @thedenverimprov lots of upset folks #hopeeverythingisokay#nonotificationsucks”

NeNe hasn’t officially responded to the backlash.

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