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Sherri Shepherd Says Her Son Thinks Black Girls Are Mean, Likes White Girls

Sherri Shepherd has a concern about her son’s preferences when it comes to girls. The comedian shared her thoughts on her child’s views on Black and white girls on “The Breakfast Club” Thursday, July 19 and got some advice on how to deal with it from Charlagmagne Tha God and Angela Yee.

“I am going through this thing, he likes these girls and … there’s not that many little Black girls in his school … ’cause he came in and he said, ‘Mommy, I like white girls’ … The little Black girls get mean with him,” she says of her 13-year-old son Jeffrey Charles Tarpley. “Like, sometimes they don’t wanna speak. Sometimes they act crazy. And he’s like, ‘Why they act so crazy?’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t know. So I keep trying to tell the little girls to be nicer so he can come towards you. But the other girls see him and they go, ‘Hey, Jeffery’ and they wanna feel his hair.”

Shepherd added that her son was put off by a Black classmate rolling her neck and asked for some advice on how to deal with his preferences.

Charlamagne said he should be surrounded by “other strong, male figures” while Yee said Jeffrey should be surrounded by “more kids that look like him.”

Listeners of the radio show, on the other hand, weren’t quite as kind to Shepherd.

“I cannot believe Sherri Shepherd said that s— on #thebreakfastclub… As a Black woman, I would never allow my Black son to disrespect me and any other Black women. Smh it pissed me off.”

“Girl! I love Sherri, but I was like sis.”

Shepherd isn’t the only celebrity mom who’ll have to teach her Black son about the value of Black women. Gabrielle Union recently opened up about her boys preferring light-skinned girls to darker-skinned ones in their high school.

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