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Leslie Jones Is In Her Feelings About How Men — Especially Black Men — Treat Her

Leslie Jones has had enough of the way men have treated her and the “Saturday Night Live” star has especially had it with Black men.

The comedian took to Instagram Wednesday, July 18 to say that she was over her interactions with the opposite sex.

“When young men especially Black men (yea I said it) talk to me like I’m some dumb B—-! It makes me want to stomp a mudhole in they ass. That is all. #imabouttoshowthesefoolsthecomptoninmyheart.”

Leslie Jones 


The call out of men was met with support.

“Yup! Learn RESPECT little boys. 😘😂”

“That’s right girl! Gooo tf off!”

“I support this message! 😄✊.”

“Vent and move on sweetheart. Don’t waste your time on toxic people. Love you!”

But many took issue with Jones bashing Black men in particular.

“We got enough people attacking us smh… damn shame.”

“Smh just sad…. if you’re disrespected address that person individually don’t include the whole race… it’s plenty of Black men who respect our Black queens… learn how to effectively communicate and deal with the person who disrespected her … not the whole race.”

“Say anything that may seem a bit negative about a Black woman…All hell breaks loose. Say something bad about Black men… It’s ok. @lesdogggg Not only are you unfunny, loud, obnoxious, and flat out hideous, you are an affirmative hire at SNL. Sincerely, a Black man.”

“Where’s the uplifting of Black men famous person? @lesdogggg just lost a fan.”

The last comment earned a terse response from Jones (“bye!!!”), while another user implored the comic, “Mamma you gotta let the whites know this ain’t addressed to them. They don’t get to talk down to our brothas.”

“I say men that covers everyone I pointed out. Black men ’cause I’m a Black woman and it especially hurts from them,” Jones replied in a now-deleted exchange.

Leslie Jones 

The next day, the “Angry Birds 2” star posted another message saying she needed to take a break from social media.

“This week has been f—ed up and emotional, angering and just plain exhausting. I disappear now into my TV programs. F— the world for a minute!! Goodbye! #b—-ineedabrainbreak.”

Leslie Jones


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