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Kandi Burruss Has Fans Drooling Over Photo of Her In Red Latex Dress

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss has never been afraid to flaunt her sexy side to her millions of followers.

The Grammy-award winner showed off her curves in a body-hugging latex red dress paired with black sandals on Instagram. Burruss gave props to herself for getting camera-ready, “I did my own makeup & curled my hair but now I’m sleepy & really don’t feel like going to the club…. when you’re the only one ready to go you might as well take a good pic!”

It turns out the entire look was wasted after the reality star shared she and good friend Toya Wright didn’t make it out at all. “Update: I posted this pic at 1am. Toya & I ended up going back to our hotel to wait for everybody. They finally called at 3am saying they were pulling up 😒. We had already changed & were ready for our car to pic us up for the airport. So we never made it to the club & I wasted this dress… I’m gonna wear this dress somewhere else so don’t trip when I post it again! 😂”

It may be hard for Burruss to pull off that look without anyone noticing because her followers were smitten.

“Kandi is so damn pretty!!!! All that black beauty!!🖤”

“It just shows that you dont have to spend alot of money on hair and makeup because you still look flawless!#youlooklikeabagofmoney”

“Omg Kandi ur KILLING this dress, I looooooove this look. Damn this is one of the sexiest looks ever.❤❤❤”

“You looked beautiful friend😍❤”

“You did GREAT because I ain’t going nowhere after 10pm. I woulda been in pajamas at 10:15. 😂😂😂”

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