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Fans Outraged Over Clip of Mel B Getting Sexually Harassed on Live TV

A video of Spice Girl Mel B getting groped on national television resurfaced Monday, July 9 and fans have been fired up over it.

The YouTube video, which was uploaded in December 2014, features Mel and former “The X Factor UK” judge Louis Walsh along with Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole being interviewed on “The Xtra Factor.”

As host Sarah-Jane Crawford moved on to the next question, Walsh’s hand, which begins as a fist of sorts behind Mel’s butt, rests on her behind before he begins patting it repeatedly.

“Hold on a second,” Mel tells Crawford. “Why are you grabbing my butt?”

“I’m looking out for Mel,” Walsh responds.

“Louis! Hands where we can see them please!” Crawford commands.

“Inappropriate!” Mel says with her hand raised to her fellow talent show judge as she scoots away from him.

“Honestly you’re safe,” Cowell remarked to Mel.

Walsh laughs off getting caught while Mel appeared noticeably upset. And folks online have taken notice.

“Saw this on IG just to realize it’s years old…. but he’s still a creep.”

“This is sexual harassment and Mel B had every reason to react the way she did.”

“This is how prevalent sexual abuse is. Louis LITERALLY gropes Mel B’s bum while on LIVE TV!! What happens when he’s called out?? They just laugh it off and move straight on!! If this is what happens on LIVE TV, can you imagine what goes on behind closed doors?”

“I saw the Mel B video and I’m upset. We have all had strange men touch us without our consent and every time you react they make it seem like you’re overreacting or it [wasn’t] intentional. Man, how TF do you grope my ass by mistake?”

“This is a perfect example of why the Me Too movement took as long as it did to come to light.  They’re literally recording it There’s Simon & two other women there & everyone dismissed it.  Disgusting green old dried up senior. That was extremely inappropriate.”

Neither Mel B or Walsh have publicly spoken out about the clip.



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