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‘Basketball Wives’ Fans Give Evelyn Lozada Side Eye for Directing Anger Toward Tami Roman Instead of Jennifer Williams

After Tami Roman unearthed some text messages that showed Jennifer Wiliams was integral in spreading the rumor about Evelyn Lozada sleeping with Shaunie O’Neal’s ex, it seemed Lozada was more fired up at Roman than Williams. And “Basketball Wives” fans want to know why that’s the case.

Roman had hinted at O’Neal that she knew about something that “might affect you.” Once Roman got Williams to admit she heard Lozada slept with one of O’Neal’s past partners, Lozada vehemently denied the claim.

“I would never do that s— to you,” she told the “Basketball Wives” executive producer.

However, Roman spoke to O’Neal one on one and shared a group text thread with her showing that Williams was at the root of the rumor.

“‘Shaunie never got back to me ladies, we need Malaysia to drop a dime to her about her ex and that witch,’” O’Neal read from the messages. “‘You need proof and solid hardcore proof,’” she added of another’s response.

“Ugh, I know. Gotta nail her ass to the cross with this. With no resurrection.’” she then read of what Williams texted in response.

Regardless, Lozada reserved most of her anger for Roman, tweeting several disparaging remarks about Roman when the episode aired and refused to back down from the confrontation.

“You’re a liar!” Lozada tells Roman.

“There was no motive, there was no plan,” Roman replies.  “You sound stupid sitting over there saying s— like that.”

“Why are you always starting something?” Lozada says. “You are not a thought in my mind.”

And although Williams ultimately apologized to O’Neal for spreading the rumor, fans remained confused about why Lozada wasn’t directing her anger at Williams instead of Roman.

“So Evelyn’s just gonna completely bypass the entire plot Jen had against her? To argue with Tami? OK. #BasketballWives.”

“#BasketballWives Why is Evelyn trying to point the finger at Tami when Jen clearly said some PEOPLE told her?”

“Evelyn just tries to find any way to blame Tami…girl Jen admitted she brought the rumor to Tami. #BasketballWives.”

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